For more than a quarter of a century Delta Tau has consistently and continually set the global benchmarks for precision motion and machine control. Over a million axes of motion installed worldwide in control equipment as diverse as machine tools and medical device manufacturing, robots and the Hubble telescope, packaging machines and Hollywood movie sets. There are few lives untouched by products made using Delta Tau motion controls.

Delta Tau in the UK has forged specialised services to the high technology and scientific communities. The Jet Torus Tokamak depends on Delta Tau technology to control its complicated multi axes mechanical handling equipment – one manipulator arm alone has 17 axes of synchronous motion. The state of the art Diamond Light project in Oxfordshire has over 1000 axes of motion controlling the motors that set the graticules and other light beam deflecting devices. The European MASMICRO project saw universities & engineering companies across the continent collaborating to design revolutionary compact cutting machines capable of producing nanoscale surface finishes – all relying on Delta Tau motion control.





2 axis pmw amp 378.jpg 3U analog amp 4-axis two to four amp.jpg Delta TAU Clipper Drive RT.jpg Delta TAU embedded Controller Clipper Board v2.jpg Delta TAU Geo Brick LV RT.jpg Delta TAU Geo Direct PWM Drive RT.jpg Delta TAU Geo MACRO Drive RT.jpg Delta TAU Marco Peripheral IO RT.jpg Delta TAU Power PMAC EtherLite Front.jpg Delta TAU Power UMAC 10slot RT.jpg Delta TAU Turbo PMAC2 Ethernet Ultralite RT.jpg Delta-Tau_2015_v3-4.jpg Delta-Tau_2015_v3-8.jpg Delta-Tau_2015_v3-11.jpg Delta-Tau_2015_v3-28.jpg Delta-Tau_2015_v3-30.jpg Power UMAC Rack.jpg Stock Motor_iStock_000005110058Medium.jpg Delta TAU Brick Controller RT-Black-version3.jpg Power-Brick-8-Axis-Left.jpg Delta Tau_2015_v3-39.jpg Microsoft PowerPoint - G3 Drive Series